About Us

MD PopCulture! is owned and operated by one person. The store is named after two of my favorite things in life, with "MD" being shorthand for Munder Difflin, which is my ode to "The Office". Then of course the "Pop!" in Pop! Culture is for my biggest hobby and obsession, Funko Pops!

While I love my Pops!, I've always been disappointed in the selection of display options. The shelving I was using before I designed my own was the shelf you'd always see suggested. It did the job I suppose, but it had design flaws that made it not amazing for Pop! display. So my first design was based off those shelves, a simple shelf that was transparent, cost effective and could easily be lined up next to others of it's kind for unlimited display.

 The biggest way for us to grow is word of mouth, so please suggest us to your friends and anyone you know who is an avid Funko Pop! collector. It's my dream to build this page into one of the best one stop Pop! options on the web!

Thank you,