This case can display all these things flawlessly!
The perfect display case for Funko Soda lovers!
Mix and match how you display your collection!
Display case can hold Pops in their box, Pops out of box, and your Funko Sodas with enough space to display all 3 aspects of the set! The top is also very strong, able to be stacked upon!
Each display is completely wall mountable and comes with pre drilled holes and the screws/anchors to mount them.
These finger slots, built in on each side, allows you to be able to grab your Pop with ease.

10 Slot Acrylic Funko Display Case - Wall Mountable or Desktop

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Exclusive to MD PopCulture!

Designed by MDPC and sold only by MDPC, the 10 slotted display case was created with Funko Pops and Sodas in mind! As you can see from the photos, there are so many ways you can use this product to display your collection!

Each slot is the exact measurements to hold a 4" Funko Pop in a box, including those in soft 4" protectors. 

The slots are also the perfect size to display Pops out of box, or Funko Sodas with the can, figure and POG all displayed proudly!

This case can be placed on a desk, shelf, or mounted on the wall. The case is sturdy and items can easily be stacked on top as well. 

There are endless possibilities on how you can use this display case. Whether you are the type to display in box, out of box, Sodas in can, Sodas with figure removed... you are set!

Each slot has indented finger slots to easily insert and remove Funko Pops. 

Any questions? Send us a message. We know you'll love this display case. 

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